Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Hill sprint squat workout

Sprinting up hills is probably the best way to build your fitness level. It is excellent for when you are recovering from injury, particularly knee/lower leg and back injuries as the range of motion and subsequent impact of footfall from moving uphill (depending on steepness) is considerably less than running on flat surfaces.

But I threw in a little twist to boost your results even more. Here's how to do them;

Beginner/recovering from injury
  • warmup
  • do 10 full body weight squats
  • walk up a 20m hill
  • do 10 full body weight squats (heretoafter referred to as SQ)
  • walk down the hill. DO NOT RUN DOWN THE HILL. Running down increases the speed at which your feet strike the ground and can lead to injury. You also need to catch your breath.
  • do 10 SQ
  • lightly jog up the hill (1/4 full sprint pace)
  • do 10 SQ
  • walk down the hill
  • do 10 SQ
  • run up the hill at 3/4 speed
  • do 10 sq
  • walk down the hill do 10 SQ
  • if you are unable to complete the 10 SQ properly do no more, walk around and shake your legs out and cooldown
  • if however you are able to complete the full 10 SQ, walk up the hill, shake your legs out, have a good look around at the view, pat yourself on the back, you have done well.
  • walk down the hill and cool down
Stairs are a good replacement for hills if you have none, or if it is snowing/raining/inhospitable outside. 2 flights of office/apartment type stairs are roughly equal to 20 metres.

Intermediate- already training regularly
  • warmup
  • do 20 SQ
  • run up a 20 metre hill at 1/4 sprint pace
  • do 20 SQ
  • walk down,
  • do 20 SQ, as soon as you finish immediately turn around and run back up the hill at 1/2 pace
  • do 20 SQ, walk down the hill
  • do 20 SQ, sprint back up at 3/4, do 20 SQ
  • walk down the hill, do 20 SQ, turn around as soon as you finish the squats then sprint back up at full pace
Hard bastard- super fit already looking for a harder challenge?

Replace with 50 SQ, THEN 20 burpees, THEN sprint up the hill;
  • start at 1/4 pace
  • 1/2 pace,
  • 3/4,
  • then do 3x full pace sprints, each sprint and walk down followed immediately by 50 SQ and 20 burpees
Points to remember;
  • always walk back down the hill to get your wind back and prevent injury
  • immediately sprint up as soon as you finish the exercise
  • make sure you have a clear run because once you start you aren't going to stop for anything
  • always warmup for at least 15 minutes using a range of motion that you will be using for the exercise, ie bending knees, half squats, hip flexion etc
  • always cooldown and stretch immediately after working out for at least 15 minutes to minimise or eliminate lactic acid residue in your muscles
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